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2016 NYMF Best Featured Performance



—Talkin’ Broadway




Trent began his relationship with the arts at an incredibly young age. He was playing violin at two and singing in church also before he can remember. Growing up in the middle of 5 children who all enjoyed and appreciated the arts cultivated an incredible curiosity towards various avenues of artistry. But at 12, having built of the courage to be the first of his siblings to audition for a local production of West Side Story and NOT get cast, he found himself drawn towards what would ultimately be his primary pursuit, the performing arts. The others quickly followed suit (or at least that’s how he sees it).

After discovering his newfound passion, he spent the rest of his youth doing as many productions as he could possibly get cast in. This led him to participating in community theater for the following years (with his siblings) and working professionally at local regional theaters (many of which his siblings also worked at) before heading to University of Miami to pursue a degree in musical theatre (where his brother, Heath, was also pursuing a degree and eventually Alanna, his sister, came to study). There was clearly a theme.

Eventually, Trent graduated and began a career that has been blessed with successes. It has benefited him to have a family of peers to push and advise him, and ultimately has made him the artist that he is today.